AWA Active Security

Receive real-time notifications on your smartphone

The AWA smart safe sends real-time alerts in the event of external threat
such as theft, break-in, fires, flooding, Wi-Fi connection failure, incorrect keypad entries…
The safe allows you to control users and locking functions from your smartphone (with connected module).

Theft protection

This maximum security safe is fitted with a 10mm reinforced steel door, 3mm anti-drill plate and 6 anti-saw, pry-resistant locking bolts.

Hacking protection

The smart safe AWA securely encrypts and stores locking codes in internal memory, no cloud sharing allowed.

Easy operation

An easy-to-use and intuitive app guides you throughout the installation process. You can have total access to event audit traíl and manage users and locking codes.

State of the Art Design

AWA, a smart safe with a unique design

Aluminium profile

Capacitive touch Handle

Digital touchscreen Keypad

Secured Connectivity

The safe uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection and requires physical presence to ensure security and hacking protection.

Wi-Fi connection

The AWA safe uses WIFI connection to send alerts, such as:

• External attacks (vibrations, fires, flooding,…)
• Theft by Coercion
• 5 wrong keypad entries
• Event Audit Trail
• Make changes using BLE: Edit User List or Alert Notification

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection

The AWA smart safe uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection for management and safe maintenance.

• Time Control User Management
• Locking Code and Time Delay Control
• Duress Code Set-up
• Check Timer for communication with server (cloud)


Easy and intuitive

Enables the safe to be opened and closed easily and intuitively

Access the opening log at any time

Receive alerts through the app about external threats

The option to add a delay time for the safe to open.

Manage user permissions with the option to assign control calendars.

Establish a duress code to trigger an alarm in response to an attempt to force the safe open.

Unlock and Lock the safe

You can unlock and lock your safe with ease.

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Receive real-time notifications

Alerts and live notifications through the AWA View App.

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User management

You can manage temporary access by gaining or disabling users

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Audit Trail

You can have access any time to the event audit trail

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Time Delay

Can be set from 1 to 99 minutes


Entering your duress code when under duress from an assailant can trigger a silent alarm

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the app

Available for all platforms,
according to the OS of your
smartphone (iOS or Android).


Maximum security and intuitiveness

Physical security

Anti-drilling protection
3mm reinforced steel plate.
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Door 10+3 mm / Body 5 mm
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Anti-saw rotating
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Locking position
(pry resistant)
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3-side Locking
with 6 locking bolts 22mm
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Emergency Override Key
with anti-drill shield
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Electronic security and Operation

Code Locking
1 Manager Code and 9 User Codes
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Time Delay
function can be set from 1 to 99 minutes
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Time Lock
function activated by 5 incorrect pin attempts
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Real-time alerts
and notifications from external threat
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Internal LED
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Quick and easy to use
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External Al x An x F
35 kg.
22 L.
Light (internal)
Thickness (Door/Body) Front/body
10+3 / 5mm
6/Diam. 22
Bolt position
EAN13 Code
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Help & Support

Customer service

Technical Service network throughout Spain

Polígono Ind. Ubegun 3B
20810 Orio (Gipuzkoa) – Spain

Technical Service support


Frequently asked questions

The opening codes are not stored in the cloud, they are just held in the safe itself. As such they cannot be hacked.

If a user loses their code, they will need to request a new one from the Administrator. If the Administrator loses their code, they will be able to open the safe with the emergency key and request a new code from the technical assistance service.

A new copy of the key can be requested from the point of sale by providing the serial number of the safe (engraved in the bottom right corner of the door) and providing a copy of the purchase invoice.

The safe has a keypad where you can enter the opening code, which is activated by pressing the power symbol on the front of the safe.

The safe has a self-sufficient rechargeable battery that will last approximately 2 months.
The battery can be charged using a USB cable that is supplied with the safe when it is purchased. It can be connected to the power supply, to a computer or to an external battery.

When there are new updates available, a green button will appear automatically in the top right section of the main menu, which will allow you to update your system by pressing the button “UPDATE FIRMWARE”.

The safe is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, as established in the Law 23/2003 of 10 July, for warranties in the Sale of Consumer Goods.

We resolve
your queries

We will respond to any queries that you may have as quickly as possible.

Technical assistance service.

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La caja AWA

Con teclado

Medida Exterior Al x An x F
Medida Exterior Al x An x F
35 kg.
22 L.
Espesor Frontal/cuerpo
10+3 / 5mm
Nº Bulones
6/Diam. 22
Posición Bulones
Polígono Ind. Ubegun 3B
20810 Orio (Gipuzkoa)